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JAPAN CUTS is an annual festival for new Japanese film, organized by Japan Society. The branding aims to foreground the films whilst creating bold visuals to establish the brand and catering to a wider range of audience.

毎年ジャパンソサエティーにより開催される日本映画祭 JAPAN CUTS。各映画を全面に押し出すと共に、インパクトのあるビジュアルを通しより多くのオーディエンスに届くよう意識したブランディングデザイン。

dlala is a hair salon located in East Village, New York. The website is designed with the existing logo and color palette, focusing on usability and playfulness.dlala is a hair salon located in East Village, New York. The website is designed with the existing logo and color palette, focusing on usability and playfulness.

ニューヨーク、イーストビレッジに位置する美容院 dlala。既存のロゴと色を中心に、有用性と相互性を意識したウェブデザイン。

Redesign of the book Robert Ryman: Variations + Improvisations, which was originally published in 2010 by The Phillips Collection (Washington, D.C.).

2010年、The Phillips Collection(ワシントンD.C.)より出版された本 Robert Ryman: Variations + Improvisations のリデザイン。

Taisei Ono creates monochromatic portraits of prominent figures and imagery of familiar objects by using a grid system and hand-pressed circles, which the artist calls "dotwork." The invitation for Ono's first solo exhibition incorporates his artistic approach, enhancing his aesthetic whilst creating a new visual language to deliver the information.


The Capote Tapes, directed by Ebs Burnough, delivers a fresh portrait reshaping our understanding of the writer Truman Capote.

20世紀を生きたアメリカ人作家Truman Capoteの新たな面を映し出すEbs Burnough監督作映画The Capote Tapes。

Graphic proposals for Extra Butter, a New York-based apparel brand whose goods focus on street culture and style. The designs are based on a variety of themes, from sports to architecture.

ニューヨークを拠点とするファッションブランド Extra Butter。 スポーツや建築物をテーマにしたアパレルグラフィックの提案デザイン。

A research project focusing on the Fashion Institute of Technology’s brand identity and the visual language that is utilized in the school. The documentation is categorized into three subjects: Interview, Observation, and Comparison—underscoring the preexisting problems of a lack of clarity and inconsistent use of the visual language. It aims to call attention to FIT's stance toward graphic design.

Fashion Institution of Technologyのブランドデザインおよびビジュアルランゲージについて研究。記録を質疑・観察・比較の三種に分けて提示し、同校が抱える問題点ならびに美術、デザインを教える教育機関としてのグラフィックデザインに対する姿勢を問う研究本。

Abilene is a bar located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The drink menu focuses on easy readability and a structure that allows anyone to revise and update the menu as it changes.


A photo book showcasing the physical space of the Poets House. The photographs of architectural objects at the library are examined with a predetermined system, specifically designed with the library's logo, to exhibit the colors of each feature.

図書館 Poets House を主題にした写真本。館内にて撮影された建築物の写真と共に、同館のロゴを基に作られたデザインシステムを通し抽出された色を展示する。

A set of posters for an event dedicated to the late composer Iannis Xenakis. A typographic exercise was undertaken beforehand to create an appropriate system for the subject.

故作曲家 Iannis Xenakis に捧ぐ音楽イベントのポスターデザイン。タイポグラフィーの思索(試作)を通し事前に同作に適切なデザインシステムを制作設定した。

"Don't Triptych" was an exhibition at Fashion Institution of Technology, showing over a hundred of students work (triptych) on the floor of a hall. The official promotional poster focuses on the use of only essential elements to bring sophistication to the visual, counteracting to the show's predetermined title.

Fashion Institution of Technology にてエキシビジョンDon't Triptych が行われ、百枚を超える学生作品(三連作ポスター)が一斉に校内ホールの床に展示された。既に決定していた展示会名が持つコミカルな印象に抵抗するよう、基礎的な要素のみを使用し洗練された印象を持たせることを意識した公式ポスターデザイン。